About us

We are software development company based in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Our top priorities are clear communication, regular planning and following standards.

We can help you with:
  • Creating new system that serves specific needs
  • Adding new features to existing system
  • Optimizing already existing system to look & behave fluent
  • Optimizing application to have green score in Google PageSpeed.

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Top projects

  • Übersetzer.jetzt is a Germany platform that connects qualified translators with clients. We continously develop this project by implementing new design, adding functionality and configuring Google Analytics. This project is implemented using Wordpress, Docker and Webpack.

  • Beljana logistics is a custom-made system to manage international company UAB BELJANA financial, warehouse and vehicle resources. By using this system, the company saves approximately 40 hours in a week. The project is made with love using PHP and Laravel.

  • Renginių galerija is a company that organizes events in Lithuania. We were delighted to implement this well-peforming e-shopfrom scratch. Made with Wordpress and WooCommerce.